Five reasons why black cats are awesome

Danielle Petch

From their friendly and playful personalities to their caring, inquisitive nature, black cats really do make great pets. 

Unfortunately in the age of selfies and social media, claims that they are harder to photograph, or that they are bad luck, means these beautiful and loving creatures can be often overlooked. Which, according to the RSPCA, sadly means black cats are one of the hardest cats for shelters to re-home.

However, at TrustedHousesitters we know that black cats are great, and what’s more – their friendly, laid-back nature means they have bucket loads of love to give! So, in celebration of these wonderful felines we’ve rounded up five of the top reasons why black cats make truly ‘pawesome’ pets... 

Forget what you’ve heard – black cats are good luck

In fact, in many cultures, black cats are believed to be very lucky, and in places like Scotland, it’s thought that a strange black cat turning up at your door signals prosperity. Even sailors brought these beautiful little creatures on board with them in a bid to bring about good luck and ensure a safe return. 

Of course, the idea of ‘luck’ of any kind is pure superstition – but one thing we’re certain of is how lucky the thousands of black cat owners feel each and every day, having these beautiful and loving felines in their homes!

Black cats are great survivalists

A picture of stealth, their black coats mean they’re great at camouflaging in the dark, making them much better at avoiding predators. 

What’s more, researchers at the National Institute for Health suggest that the genetic mutation that gives black cats their colour could mean they’re more resistant to certain types of disease compared to other cats. 

Plus, they’re super friendly 

Black cats are renowned for their calm, friendly and laid-back personalities, and love nothing more than endless cuddles on the sofa. 

Plus, black cats are often naturals when it comes to adapting to new environments, meaning they’re able to acclimatise quickly and warm to new people with ease.   

Black cats are truly beautiful

With their sleek and shiny coats, they ooze elegance – and after all, who wouldn’t want a mini black panther parading around their home? 

Better still, their black fur means they always look clean regardless of what they get up to when they’re out and about – plus, their fur is far less likely to show up on your black clothing!

And yes, black cats do photograph well

You just need to learn their angles! With the right lighting and a neutral background, you can take many beautiful photographs of your black cat. For example, taking a photograph without flash and in natural lighting can really highlight the beauty and sleekness of their coat, and the contrast of their bright eyes and dark fur makes them particularly striking subjects to photograph.

Need some help in getting that killer shot? Read our guide on how to take great photos of your pet here.

Have you got a black cat you just love showing off? We’d love to see them – make sure to share your snaps with us over on our Facebook page, or tag us in your photos on Instagram using #ThankYouPets.

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