What pets really think about your holiday

Sally Keegan

Ready for holiday mode to begin? We know you are. But if you’ve got a precious pet in your life, your dreams of a stress-free break may slowly be fading away. How will your next break affect your pet and what will they do while you’re gone?

Fear not, pet care problems don’t have to put a stop to your travel plans. Want to know why? We’ve ventured inside your pet’s mind to find what they really think while you're squeezing your suitcase shut….

Five things your pet thinks about your holiday

1. Why won’t you take me with you?

You know exactly what those puppy eyes are saying; please take me with you. And while it is becoming easier to take most pets to certain destinations, it’s your sole responsibility to make sure your pet travels safely and in the least stressful way possible. Being cooped up and hearing noises from fellow four-pawed passengers isn’t quite the same as snoozing safe at home.

If you’re worried that your furry friend won’t cope, don’t fear. Your dream of keeping your pet happy and still jetting off going on holiday is not yet over….

2. So, who is going to look after me?

While you dream of a luxury apartment, there is no destination that your pet loves more than their forever home. This is where they feel happy, safe and secure. Are you now wondering how you can have happy pets and happy travel at the same time? Wonder no more...

TrustedHousesitters has thousands of trusted sitters who are longingly waiting to love and care for your precious pets, in the exact same way that you do. That’s right. You can head on a short weekend break, or a long-term retreat without worry. Oh, and always return home to a happy and pampered pet. What’s more, pet sitters from TrustedHousesitters simply do it for the love of pets and the chance to experience life somewhere new, meaning that they won’t charge a penny — what are you waiting for?

3. Will they know my usual routine?

A summer break is all about escaping your day-to-day routine, but your pet loves their routine. It helps them feel right at home. Therefore, connecting with a trusted sitter may be a perfect option to keep their routine in order — breakfast, walkies, snoozing and dinner will all come around at the perfect time, meaning your dog or cat will never feel unstable in their new-found friendship.

Your pet sitter will set their clocks to your pet’s time to ensure little Monty and Rover receive their usual creature comforts. And if you want to help a sitter maintain your cat’s all-important feeding routine, check out the SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder Connect from Sure Petcare.  Activated by microchip reading technology, these brilliant bowls monitor your cat’s feeding habits using the Sure Petcare app, send notifications when your pet eats from the bowl and stops food theft in multi-pet households. The correct portion size is stored in the app and when the bowl is filled, LED guides indicate when the correct portion weight has been reached, making it easy for the pet sitter to feed your cat the correct amount. You can even invite your pet sitter to have access to the app, so that they can see that your pet is eating normally.

Sure Petcare has also developed the SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap Connect and the SureFlap Microchip Pet Door Connect, both of which also link to the Sure Petcare app. If given access to the app, your pet sitter will be able to see if your pet is sticking to their usual routine in and out of the house, as the app sends a notification and makes a record each time your pet uses the door.

4. Will I still get my regular walk?

Your pet knows their regular sniffing spots, and they’ll want to keep up finding these usual favourites even while you’re away. Luckily, most sitters are keen to arrive early before owners jet off on holiday, so they can take this opportunity to be shown the local walking routes including their pet’s favourite paths and parks.

5. What if I feel unwell?

Considering your four-pawed friend is your pride and joy, pet lovers like you want to keep an extra close eye on their health and wellbeing to make sure there are no little mishaps, especially for the rescue pets who may not have had the easiest start in life. Thankfully, pet sitters will happily provide a close eye while you’re away — if not even more so than you already do. What’s more, TrustedHousesitters members have unlimited access to a 24-hour Veterinary Advice Line, meaning they can chat to a qualified and attentive nurse at any time — from emergency situations to feeding advice, they’ll always be happy to help.

If you want to take extra care monitoring your dog's wellbeing, Sure Petcare’s Amino tracks everything from your pet’s activity levels and sleep quality to unwelcome behaviours such as excessive barking, scratching or shaking. You can give your pet sitter access to the Animo app so that they can sync the device while you’re away, enabling you to keep track of what your dog gets up to when you’re not there for peace of mind.

Ready to let your pet stay at home with a sitter?

The big trip is fast approaching, so whether it’s that long-term retreat or a short weekend break you’re heading off to, you really can travel with peace of mind while your pet’s at home comfortably with an animal-loving sitter. You can be confident that your furry family member will continue to enjoy their usual snuggles and feel safe and happy in their own environment without the stress of being in boarding.

TrustedHousesitters has plenty of sitters waiting to spend quality time with your pet, whether that be dogs, cats, rabbits or rats, there will be someone patiently waiting to care for your pet. Get started by taking a look at our dog and cat sitters, and see who your pet could be cosying up with. If you need some extra support on creating your home and pet listing, head to our blog where you’ll find a step-by-step guide — this will not only help sitters but also help owners make sure it’s the perfect fit for them and their new furry (or feathered) friend.

Visit TrustedHousesitters today to explore and connect with sitters for your pet. And if you have any questions about finding the right person for your pet or how to start your own sitter journey, click here to get in touch.

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Sure Petcare is an intelligent pet product specialist based in Cambridgeshire. They sell award-winning microchip-operated and app-controlled pet products all over the world. Sure Petcare products are developed to promote proactive pet care, enabling owners to give their pets a greater level of care and monitor behaviour that could give an early indication of illness or distress. For more information, visit surepetcare.com.

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