Why do people house sit?

Kelly Jones

We have received some fabulous notes from house sitters about why they house sit. Here is an example of one from Ben and Helen from Australia.

"People house-sit for many reasons. Some people house sit out of necessity such as couples building their dream home or ambitious youngsters working to put a dent in their first mortgage by living rent-free for a while. For them it is a comfortable and convenient temporary accommodation.

Others choose to house sit as a different way to travel. Anyone who has been on a whirlwind trip to any continent has visited places all too briefly that they'd like to spend some quality time in. House sitting gives you that opportunity with the convenience of a home base and all it's comforts.

Active retirees whose kids have left the nest can travel at a leisurely pace without the living out of a suitcase lifestyle and expense of hotels or B&B's.

For some it is simply a way of life but regardless of the reason, at the other end of the equation is a home or pet owner with total peace of mind knowing that their household is safe and secure. That's why house sitting is totally win-win. In the case of my wife Helen and I, we're roaming the globe looking for a new place to call home. We're from Australia and will always return there but we'd like to spend 5 years living in a different country. House sitting for us is very relaxing and an enjoyable reconnaissance.

House-sitting allows you to fully immerse yourself not only in a culture but a community and in some cases a language. The internet allows people to connect like never before and various house-sitting sites try to make this easier. TrustedHousesitters combines the best features of existing sites but adds two unique features that enhance the core of a house sitting, trust.

For Helen and I it's not just about the house or the location, we like to feel a certain affinity with the home owners. Members of  Trustedhousesiters.com can add video to their profile. This allows house sitters to show a little of their personality and attitudes. The on-site reference system at TrustedHousesitters furthers the trust factor by providing an extra level of security that others sites don't. While some house-sitters have a particular date and area they're interested in, we are lucky because we're on no real schedule and have the luxury of essentially letting house-sitting opportunities choose us. Trustedhousesiters.com emails us instant notifications of new listings in the countries we're interested in. If it looks good we go for it!

Helen and I are currently in Ljubljana, Slovenia where we've been for 6 weeks. Next we house-sit in The Netherlands to look after Tiha the cat while his owners visit New Zealand for Christmas and most of January. A classic example of the house choosing us. Or in this case- the cat. Upon seeing a picture of Tiha we were smitten. Even more-so knowing he might be alone at Christmas without house-sitters.

We have 2 cats named Leopold The Brave and Lady Lotus Blossom. Pets, particularly cats, get very stressed when removed from their home environment and territory. We were lucky enough to lease our home to a great tenant prepared to love our cats as well! It gives us comfort, security (and let’s be honest, a little less guilt) knowing that our animals are happy and healthy in their own home. House sitting provides that comfort and security to owners."

Ben and Helen

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