Ange's TrustedHousesitters Story — Pet Sitting Portraits

Liam Beauchamp

Angela Croft joined TrustedHousesitters in December 2016 after accidentally stumbling across the site whilst looking for a new adventure. Angela was at a time in her life where she wanted to start a new chapter, so whilst working as a graphic designer, she completed a few local sits. Soon after, Ange quit her job as a graphic designer and sold her house in New Zealand to take on house and pet sitting full time, giving her the opportunity to reconnect with her family in the UK.

Ange is now on her twelfth consecutive sit and is "loving the whole experience. I have met so many wonderful people and made friends with so many animals, it's been a dream." 

Ange still uses her graphic design skills and artistry to leave the owner a portrait of the animals she has cared for. 

I would love to continue to housesit, it's such a wonderful feeling to know that you are helping people and their animals and at the same time being given rewarded with total trust and respect of the homeowner. I always ask for a list of jobs to do while they are away and I've had a great response when they return and find the house clean and tidy and the jobs they always 'meant to get round to' all's my way of saying thank you for such a great gift.

Ange is now looking for a long-term sit somewhere in the UK, New Zealand or Australia where she can work as an artist in residence. Ideally, Ange would like to stay near a wildlife park and somewhere where she can meet lots of people and focus on her art.


To see Ange's animal portraits and complete paw-tfolio of work, click here.

If you would like to invite Angela to sit for you, visit her TrustedHousesitters profile

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