How dog sitters saved our Christmas...

Annie Hearfield

Being separated from your canine companion over the festive period is hard enough, but choosing a Christmas dog sitter can be even tougher. However, we’ve collected some heartwarming tales from our members who were able to enjoy the holidays stress-free with the aid of caring sitters that prove finding a Christmas dog sitter doesn’t have to be stressful! 

When seeking a dog sitter over the Christmas period, member Donna wanted to make sure her beloved dog Muffin was going to be left in trusting hands, which she found in sitters Col and Gina...

“Col and Gina were the best sitters anyone could hope for. At the time they cared for Muffin, she was sixteen years old and needed some additional care with medication. Col and Gina took the time to really look after her in every way. They took Muffin with them everywhere, even in her stroller when it was a longer walk. Their stay covered Christmas, and they even arranged Muffin her own Christmas lunch of roast chicken! They sent us a photo of Muffin ready for Christmas enjoying her lunch. I can’t imagine too many other sitters who would take the time to do such a special thing.”

Donna Purdy, Owner member

Last year, Lia De Sola was searching for a last minute Christmas dog sitter, and Peta and Adam couldn’t have made a more perfect pair to step in. In an unexpected event over the holiday’s that saw them transferred to a hotel room, Peta and Adam made sure pup Tallu’s comfort and safety came first at all times... 

“Following the unexpected drop out of another sitter, Peta and Adam were our last minute saviors for our Christmas and New Year’s trip to see our family on the other side of the ocean. They were beyond amazing, accommodating our dog, Tallu, over the festive period – and additionally, they suffered an evacuation from our house due to a gas leak emergency! The council took them to a hotel with Tallu, and the Red Cross even gave Tallu her own blanket! Forever grateful to this couple.”

Lia De Sola, Owner member

Owner Susanne was relieved when she had a caring Christmas dog sitter come to the rescue and take care of her Cavachon, Prince Harry. Not only did Lisa spent the entire Christmas period with Prince Harry, but she went above and beyond to make sure he was really was treated like a true prince over the festive period, too...

“Mary Poppins Lisa' cared for our dog Prince Harry for three weeks over the Christmas Holidays! He went on many adventures meeting horses, spent time playing with a neighbors dog, enjoyed belly rubs, playing fetch, and he was even photoshopped into Meghan and Harry’s Christmas card. Just like in the Mary Poppins film when they jump into the sidewalk chalk drawings! He was photographed constantly on his walks and play time by Lisa, which was delightful! It’s so lovely that our little Prince Harry has some new adoptive family members! They treated him like a true Prince!”

Susanne, Owner member

As these happy members have experienced, being away from your pup over at Christmas time doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. Choosing your dog sitter this Christmas within good time ensures you have peace of mind that your canine friend will be cared for over the holidays. 

If you’re seeking a dog sitter this festive season, then why not begin browsing our sitter profiles and tick one thing off your Christmas to-do list – it’s never too early!

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