Last year’s Trusted Awards winners... Anne and Ian

Annie Hearfield

It’s been another great year spent helping one another travel while keeping pets happy at home. As we prepare for The Trusted Awards 2019, let’s take a look back at the heartwarming stories of the members who won last year... 

The outstanding care that sitters Annie and Ian gave to owners Brenda and Millard’s beloved pets during adverse weather conditions saw them crowned winners of the ‘Above and Beyond’ category in 2018. 

Brenda and Millard were in the UK when Anne and Ian were at their home in Florida looking after their three dogs and two cats when a hurricane hit. Despite challenging circumstances –– they had no water, electricity or petrol for four days, plus all businesses were closed –– they remained unphased and focused on ensuring the safety of Brenda and Millard’s beloved pets. They even cleared their yard of debris and stayed up through the night keeping the dogs cool with wet towels in the Florida heat.

“The even more amazing part was when they came back to stay, and once again they flew into Florida with a hurricane in the Gulf. They came because they were committed to the care and excellence for our animals. 

Annie and Ian are great people who go the extra mile. Both times they insisted that we go on our trips and not cancel. I believe they took care of things better than we could have. The picture above is Annie sitting on the floor caring for the dogs during hurricane winds. It is the amazing people like Ian and Annie that makes TrustedHousesitters successful."

There’s no doubt that Anne and Ian truly went above and beyond to keep Brenda and Millard’s pets happy at home. What’s more, is their experience didn’t stop them from returning to complete a second house sit –– despite adverse weather striking a second time!

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