Cat sitting: stay with feline friends around the world

Did you know that your love of cats can take you places? With owners around the world looking for a pet lover like you to care for their cat, pet sitting could see you make special memories with feline friends, near and far away.

What is a cat sitter?

A cat sitter is a kind and caring person who keeps kitties safe at home while their owners are away. Some people may offer cat sitting services in their own house, but TrustedHousesitters members always cat sit in an owner’s home. That’s because our pet-loving community is here to help people travel more while keeping pets safe in their happy place — their own home.

In-house cat sitting is a wonderful way to stay in new places while offering cats pet care that makes them feel truly content. If the thought of keeping a cat company while staying somewhere new makes you want to purr, then perhaps you could be a cat sitter...

Can I be a cat sitter?

If you’re a kind and responsible person that knows how to lovingly care for a kitty, then you will make a great cat sitter. Want to know more about what it means to lovingly care for someone else’s cat? Then take a look at our helpful blog, Pet sitting: what you need to know. Including information relating to pets of all shapes and sizes, you’ll learn what makes a good cat sitter and more.

Of course you can find cat sitting jobs online and charge for your pet care services, but there’s something truly special about sitting purely for the love of pets. That’s why all TrustedHousesitters members cat sit for free — they want nothing more than the calming companionship of a cat and keys to a home away from home.

Want to get started with cat sitting?

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Cat sitting with TrustedHousesitters

Both sitters and owner members pay once a year to enjoy unlimited sits all year round. They can then connect, communicate, and arrange as many sits as they like, safely and securely. With no money exchanging hands, there are no uncomfortable conversations around accommodation costs or cat sitting salaries. It’s all about keeping cats happy and helping each other to travel.

Watch Jenny and Martin’s story to see how it works…

Why cat sitters love their TrustedHousesitters membership:

  • Pay once a year to arrange and enjoy unlimited pet sits, safely and securely
  • Stay with feline friends in over 130 countries  
  • Talk to a veterinary nurse, day or night, with a free 24/7 Vet Advice Line
  • Get help and guidance from your award-winning Membership Services team
  • Know you’re covered in homes across the UK, with our Insurance Backed Guarantee
  • Explore and arrange cat sits on the go with an easy-to-use app

Discover cat sitting stories

Wondering what it’s like to be a cat sitter? Reading stories from real life members is a great way to find out. From a solo sitter who says it has changed her life to a pet-loving family of four who can’t think of a better way to travel, TrustedHousesitters is full of happy tales.

“Whilst sitting, I’ve had the most extraordinary experiences in communities that I’d not have done otherwise. I've found that house/pet sitting offers me the opportunity to become acquainted with a place and its people in unique and authentic ways.”

“We like traveling and living like locals, we like caring for animals, and we enjoy the responsibilities our family takes on as caretakers. We also appreciate the fact that we are helping someone else out who may be in a jam and just wants to make sure those things they hold precious are safe. Imagine what we’d be missing out on if we had never applied for a house sit?”

If you want more information or would like guidance relating to your own cat sitting journey, please get in touch with our Membership Services team. Each one is a pet-loving member with first-hand experience as a house and pet sitter —  who could be better to answer your cat sitting questions and help you get started?