Black Friday: Member FAQs

Danielle Petch

Want to know more about TrustedHousesitters Black Friday promotions? Take a read of our member's frequently asked questions in this handy Q&A.

Q: As I have 2 years of membership outstanding due to some very dear friends also joining, would the upgrade apply to the whole time of my membership?

A: Yes, you will pay a maximum of 12 months of the cost of the upgrade with any remaining term being upgraded free of charge. Thanks for being such a great advocate for us and enjoy your upgrade!

Q: I won a lifetime membership. Can I upgrade my free membership?

A: Please contact our Membership Services team who will support you with this.

Q: Curious if I can also extend my Premium membership as well?

A: The discount only applies to new memberships or upgrades. As you already have a Premium membership, the discount will not apply.

Q: I just upgraded. Can I still get the discount?

A: Sorry, the discount is part of our Black Friday promotions and came into effect on 19th Nov.

Q: I just upgraded to the Premium membership and now I see there is a Black Friday deal. Can I cancel my upgrade, get a refund and sign up again with the 50% discount?

A: Sorry, the discount is part of our Black Friday promotions that came into effect on 19th Nov. We cannot give you a refund on your membership to take advantage of this (unless you meet the criteria for one).

Q: We just upgraded to Premium, then the Black Friday deal pops up. How do current loyal users take advantage of that?

A: Please see the answer above. Premium members can take advantage of our refer a friend promotion, however. During Black Friday, your refer a friend code will be worth 30% off and you can receive 3 months of membership for every friend that joins (instead of the usual two months).

Q: So if I upgrade now what happens at the end of my current membership as I am on automatic renewal?

A: You will renew on the higher tier at full price - but don’t worry, we will prompt you in advance (if you are subscribed to our emails) and you can downgrade if you wish.

Q: Am I renewed at the membership level to which I have upgraded? Or can I choose another plan?

A: You will renew at the membership level to which you have upgraded unless you choose to downgrade, which you can do with no questions asked.

Q: Will I be able to go back to what I currently have as a long-term member under the original membership plan?

A: In the case that you wish to downgrade, you would have to choose one of our advertised plans. The ‘classic’ tier has been retired and isn’t open for people to join. If you do choose to downgrade, the downgrade will take place upon your next renewal date.

Q: I have the original member plan. Can I keep that as I would not like to lose it?

A: You can keep it! No need to take any action.

Q: Is there a discount code that needs to be entered? I saw the Black Friday banner the other day, but it is not there now.

A: Please follow this link to upgrade. Please note, you must be logged into your account when you use the link and you must do it on desktop. The upgrade won't work from the app.

Q: Do you have to use the Airport Lounge passes within the year you sign up or are they good past that time?

A: Yes, the passes must be used within your membership year. But when your membership term renews, so does your lounge pass allocation.

Q: Regarding the lounge passes, are they transferable? I don’t need mine because I have lounge access with my credit card so I’d like to transfer them to my daughter or son, if possible.

A: Yes, this is possible. As the TrustedHousesitters member, you will be required to contact our team to make the booking, but it can be for a relative or close friend.

Q: Why isn’t there anything about this offer on the website?

A: We decided to keep this offer exclusive for members only, and you would have received an email with your offer. If you missed it, please follow this link to upgrade (please note, you must be logged into your account when you use the link and you must do it on desktop. The upgrade won't work from the app).

Q: I did not get an email about this deal. I have been a member since 2019.

A: All members should have received the deal. Don’t worry if you didn’t. You can use this link here to upgrade… exactly the same offer applies to all. Please note, you must be logged into your account when you use the link and you must do it on desktop. The upgrade won't work from the app.

Q: I suspect that this is a strategy to encourage current members to upgrade to a tiered membership, while eventually phasing out the “classic” or original plan that we all joined before tiered membership was introduced. I hope I’m wrong about this.

A: There are no plans to phase it out at present.

Q: RAF offer - I got an email the other day saying it offered 30% off but when you go to the link and share to Facebook the image shows the usual 25% off.

A: This is a bug but it won’t affect the actual discount, it’s just the image that is wrong.

Q: Can anyone get 25% off or only if they have the email with the link? Can I let people know on Facebook that TrustedHousesitters are giving this discount for Black Friday?

A: As we are only promoting this offer to those who have registered their interest with us already, we’d prefer it if you kept the codes to yourself this time!

Q: What if I upgrade but have sits booked in the future - will the sit cancellation cover still apply?

A: As long as the sit is scheduled after the upgrade AND the cancellation happens after the upgrade, then you will be covered. You would also need to have the upgraded tier at the time of the sit as well.

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