5 ways to make your cat happy

Sally Keegan

Our feline friends are true treasures to any household and so, it only seems right that we think about the ways we can give back and make them happy. 

Just like humans, cats have a wide range of emotions, and sadly this includes negative ones such as boredom, depression or even loneliness. But there’s good news — our felines aren’t quite as complicated as us, so keeping them happy is not as hard a task as you may expect. 

‘But what can I do?’, we hear you ask. Fear not, as we’ve looked into the inner workings of a cat’s mind and compiled some top tips on how to make them happy...

Toys, toys, toys!

Just like humans, boredom can cause pets to feel down. It’s important to take the time to play with your cat, using toys and different games such as chasing a laser pointer or throwing a ping pong ball in a bathtub. You could even create an indoor jungle gym where they can jump, climb and play too. Overall, just keep it interesting. And if they become tired of their old toys, why not make new ones or rotate them — those old toys will then seem like new and exciting ones!

Provide views of the great outdoors

Watching squirrels and birds scootering outside can provide cats with hours of entertainment, but does your cat have a great spot to sit and view the outside mayhem? We suggest a cosy spot by the window where they can catch some sun and have a snooze after all the excitement has passed. Why not put a bird feeder outside their viewpoint; that’s sure to make a great show and entertain them for hours. 

A tortoiseshell cat receiving a stroke from a hand above

Put on a YouTube playlist

Whether it’s pouncing towards that fake fish or tapping their gentle paws on a screen full of insects, many cats love YouTube. Yes, there are lots of videos that are purely made for our precious kitties! Whether that’s of other felines, fish, birds or even just videos of the great outdoors. So grab your computer, tablet or phone — as long as you don’t mind the odd paw or claw on it— and find a playlist full of engaging cat videos. 

Why not check out Trusted TV, a playlist dedicated to entertaining the pets of TrustedHousesitters?

Snuggle time

We know not all cats like to cuddle, but the ones that do will be overjoyed with a daily snuggle routine. Just grab a blanket to put on your lap so those unforgiving claws don’t catch your legs while they're kneading, and then settle down to enjoy some quality time with your kitty. While you know your cat best, we don’t recommend tummy tickles as that can cause your kitty to dig their claws through even the thickest blanket!

Dinner time = treasure hunt!

Most cats are fed the same food at the same time, and as much as this has its benefits, it’s not really a ‘challenge’. Why not add some excitement to dinner time and awaken your feline’s hunting instincts? By hunting for their food, they’ll gain mental stimulation and feel even more satisfied when they finally eat. While you can buy puzzle feeders and food dispensers, there are plenty of guides online that show you how to make them too.

Please let us know if you try out any of these tactics, or maybe you have another way of making your cat happy? Share them with us over on our Community Forum, tag us in your photos using #TrustedTales or send us a story at stories@trustedhousesitters.com. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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