Last year’s Trusted Awards winners... Zac and Jill

Annie Hearfield

It’s been another great year spent helping one another travel while keeping pets happy at home. As we prepare for The Trusted Awards 2019, let’s take a look back at the heartwarming stories of the members who won and what they’re up to now....

Zac and Jill won the ‘Long Distance Connection’ category following a three-month house sit in Portland for owner member Susan. It was the exceptional care they took of Susan’s cats, their enthusiasm to integrate themselves into the local community and their lasting friendship that led her to nominate them. 

Zac and Jill stepped into Susan’s shoes while she spent winter in Arizona. They went above and beyond to ensure Susan’s peace of mind, providing her with daily contact via text, email and Facetime, and made sure the house was kept in pristine condition. They also voluntarily organized the bed linens, managed their mail and made home repairs! As well as the care Zac and Jill took of her cats and home, Susan was delighted that they decided to volunteer at ‘The Meals On Wheels Center’ during their stay. Plus, by the time they left, a lasting friendship had formed between Susan and the pair…

“The best result of this three-month house sit was developing a lasting friendship with Zac and Jill. We now refer to them as our "kids" and have stayed in touch with them regularly as they travel the world."

Since winning the award in January 2018, Zac and Jill have enjoyed another year of house and pet sitting, and are currently on a house sit in Los Angeles. They were delighted with their award and one year on, they reflect on their adventures following receiving their trusted title...

“It's impossible to pick out the best house sit in an amazing year where we jokingly started to describe ourselves as not just ‘international house sitters’, but ‘award-winning international house sitters’! It feels good to know that we were acknowledged and rewarded for doing something we love, in a global community we love being part of."

They’ve continued to make special connections with other TrustedHousesitters members across the world, too. And, it’s one of the main reasons they love doing what they do.

“We have the opportunity to create genuine relationships with owners and their furry friends. We keep in touch with most of the owners we've sat for and have been fortunate enough to be asked back to quite a few. Being asked back to a sit we love is really the reward. But, having an award winning designation on our profile doesn't hurt either"

If you want to say a big thank you to a sitter who looked after your pets in 2019 or you or met a particularly special pet whose owner warmly welcomed you into their home be sure to nominate them for the Trusted Awards 2019. As well as winning the trusted title, each winner will receive a lifetime membership with TrustedHousesitters.

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