10 questions to ask before your sitter arrives

Danielle Petch

Ready to set your sitter up for a fantastic sit? Set off on your trip knowing your sitter has everything they could need by asking yourself these 10 questions...

Have I provided instructions? 

As this may be your sitter’s first time in the area, it’s worth providing them with clear instructions so they’re able to find your home safely and hassle-free. You may even wish to share a map with them, especially if your home is located somewhere rural. 

Have I made sure the house is clean and comfortable?

Whether your sitter is staying for the weekend or for a whole month, it’s important to make sure your home is clean, clutter-free and comfortable, ready for their arrival. Head to our coronavirus cleaning guide for everything you need to know about preparing your home for a house sit during coronavirus. 

You might also want to clear some wardrobe space or free up a shelf in the bathroom, to help them feel more at home. 

Have I filled in a Welcome Guide?

Completing a Welcome Guide provides your sitter with everything they need to know before the sit begins. From details about your home to photos and information about your pets, the Welcome Guide is the best place to keep all the important stuff in one easy-to-read format.

Have I stocked up on pet food and supplies?

Make sure you have enough pet food, medication, and anything else your pet might need for the duration of the sit. It could also be a nice idea to have some fresh local produce waiting for your sitters, such as some milk or a loaf of bread, so that they can settle in without worrying about heading straight out to the shops.

Have I run them through my pet’s routine?

From when they like their breakfast to rules about sleeping on the furniture, it’s important to let your sitter know about your pet’s routine, and what they like or don’t like. Remember, they’re here to care for your pet and to keep them happy at home, so help them out by giving them plenty of pointers ahead of time!

Have I prepared and shared my travel itinerary?

Before you set off, it can be helpful to let your sitter know the details of your trip, including where you’re going and any outbound and inbound transport information. It’s also a good idea to check in towards the end of the sit, and share an updated ETA on your return.

Have I updated my Safety Contact?

It’s important that we have the details of someone who can be contacted in the event of an emergency. If you haven’t already, you can update your Safety Contact by visiting your profile settings, where you’ll see a field for ‘emergency contact.’

How will we keep in touch?

Do you prefer daily updates and photos, or are you quite happy with just a quick update every now and then? Remember to discuss the level of communication you’re both happy with before the sit takes place.

Have we arranged a tour?

From where the pans are kept to the WiFi code, make sure your sitter knows where everything is and how to operate any electricals or alarms. This can be done on arrival or in advance, via a video call.

Have I shared details of my emergency contact?

You may have already included this in your Welcome Guide, but it’s always a good idea to double-check that your sitter has all the numbers they might need during their stay, especially if you'll be jetting off abroad.

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