Thank you, Whiskey

Sophie Main
Nathan and his rescue cat from TrustedHousesitters

Like many of you, Team Trusted is now working from home during the UK lockdown. While we miss seeing each other in the office, some lucky members of the team are being kept company by their particularly cute coworkers.

As well as telling each other funny tales of what these (often lazy) coworkers have been up to, we’re also uncovering some pretty special stories about the pets behind Team Trusted. So today, we’re sharing Nathan’s story, whose new rescue cat seemed to have arrived just in time…  

Nathan's rescue cat Whiskey from TrustedHousesitters

Nathan and Whiskey’s special story 

When her previous owners moved from Australia to the UK, Whiskey was left inconsolable from the long and difficult journey. In fact, she resented her owners so much that they saw no other option than to give her up to the rescue charity Cats Protection. How lucky the traumatised tabby must have felt when she found a loving new forever home with Nathan and his girlfriend, Sophie. 

Little did Whiskey know, it would be her new owners who felt like the lucky ones; having a friendly furry face around the home has eased an inevitably dull and sometimes lonesome lockdown.

“Whiskey is a rescue from Cats Protection that came into our lives in February — perfect timing really! 

“She grew up in Australia and didn’t enjoy the commute when her owners moved to the UK. Unfortunately, this meant that she began to resent her previous owners who sadly made the choice to give her up. However, she’s settled in perfectly with us and is the best lockdown companion.”

From her entertaining antics to providing plenty of cuddles, Whiskey is just one of the wonderful pets around the world keeping people’s spirits high during this difficult time. In fact, we owe pets like Whiskey so much, which is why we’re dedicating the next couple of months to thanking pets… 

Members of the TrustedHousesitters team working from home with their pets

Trusted Team members working from home with their adorable pets

Thank you, pets

While we show them love, keep them safe, and often throw them a tasty treat or two, it’s time we also say ‘thank you, pets’. Because pets bring so much joy to the world, which is more important than ever right now. 

So whether your dog’s wagging tail reminded you to stay positive or you saw a hilarious cat meme, join us in thanking pets posting their picture on social media. Be sure to tag @TrustedHousesitters and include #ThankYouPets, so your post can help brighten the day of other pet lovers too.   

We hope Nathan and Whiskey’s story gave you the same fuzzy feeling it gave us. Follow us on Facebook and Instragram to find even more cute, funny, and heartwarming content, and sign up to our emails to brighten up your inbox too. 

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