Pets, people, and places: the perks of house sitting in London

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Staying with cute pet companions, making new friendships, and, of course, living near iconic landmarks, there are so many perks to house sitting in London. And while none of our members house sit to make money, they do enjoy the money-saving perks of house sitting in London. 

With more than 300 languages spoken and being the third-largest city in Europe, it’s no wonder that London is a hot house sitting spot — and one of the most expensive places in the world! We’d like to explore why our members love London and what brings them into the world of house sitting...

What are the perks of house sitting in London?

Meeting adorable pets

Whether it’s a Cockapoo in Clapham or a Persian in Putney, pets all over London are looking for loving house sitters. If you’re far from home and missing your feline friend or craving the attention of a pooch pal after losing your own beloved pet, house sitting may be the answer. Pets bring so much joy to our lives and help make memories that last a lifetime. 

New faces

Not only do pets bring joy, but the new human faces you meet along the way can too. Our house sitting community has helped form thousands of unique friendships, and not just between the owners and sitters — new neighbours, people you meet on the morning dog walk or even getting involved with local meet-ups, there are so many ways to get social during your house sit. And what better place than the bustling city of London? 

Incredible places

The rise of the non-hotel culture and the chance to live like a local is a major reason people want to experience house sitting in London, as member Angela says: “Having the chance to experience this vibrant city as a resident is exhilarating… before long you’ll feel like a Londoner!”

Members also tell us that house sitting brings you to a home from home, rather than pricey hotel suites. So while you enjoy the priceless companionship of a pet, the option to eat in, and your own space in a new city, you also get to save money on accommodation.

Member Shannon shares what she loves about house sitting in London…

“House sitting has given me an interesting and varied life in London. I get to live in Richmond for one month in a beautiful home with two wonderful English Setter dogs, and then a trendy Shoreditch apartment caring for two gorgeous British blue cats! My friends think it’s brilliant and I always love telling other people my story too — they’re always intrigued to hear how I manage to live in some of London’s finest suburbs without paying a penny.”

Shannon explored pet sitting websites then chose to live her house sitting adventures through TrustedHousesitters. She paid the annual membership and then created a profile that home and pet owners from all over London were able to see. During her journey, she’s enjoyed looking after lots of canine, feline and aquatic friends while staying in apartments, townhouses, Victorian semis, Georgian homes and trendy East London flats. These have been across many suburbs of London, including Barnes, Richmond, Kingston, Shoreditch, Bethnal Green, Mile End, Brixton and Clapham — phew! This gave her plenty of opportunities to engross herself in the London lifestyle. 

John and Hero playing in Greenwich park

John and Hero playing in Greenwich park

Why owners in London love house sitters  

As well as all the perks of house sitting in London, sitters are truly helping pets and people across the city — and that can feel great. Here are just some of the ways in which sitters help owners and their pets… 

Peace of mind

While taking a break from the hustle and bustle of London life may be refreshing for owners, their pets would rather stay in their beloved home. In fact, many pets would rather do anything other than leave their home and travel. So by offering to house sit for them, you are helping the owner travel knowing their pet is exactly where they want to be — their own home. 

Owners will be sure to miss their pets while they’re away but by stepping into their shoes you can give them real peace of mind. You’ll be by their pet’s side, providing extra ear rubs, more time on the sofa and potentially even more tasty treats, while sticking to the all-important routine.

Travel freedom

Whether it’s a weekend away or a long-term adventure, owners can leave knowing that their pets are cuddled up at home with a sitter for as long as agreed. It’s true travel freedom many owners don’t get to experience, and you can be a part of making that happen!

Owner member Karen shares her experiences with pet sitters...

“We do a lot of travelling and with two dogs it is sometimes a challenge to find the right people to watch our four-legged family members. TrustedHousesitters has been a fantastic resource and saved us money which we could have potentially spent on kennels. In addition to great people who truly love animals, we feel better knowing we have someone honest watching our home while we’re out of town. And with the review system on the website, we’re always going to get people that are trustworthy and come with good recommendations by other owner members.”

While house sitting in London can help you save on pricey accommodation, you can help owners save on costly boarding kennels and catteries too. While both dog boarding kennels and catteries care for animals to make money, you’ll be making incredible memories instead. It’s a special exchange that benefits you, the pet, and the owner.

Want to know more about the perks of house sitting? Speak to our friendly and experienced Membership Services team, who will be ready to take your questions.

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