Last year’s Trusted Awards winners... Marie Flora

Annie Hearfield

It’s been another great year spent helping one another travel while keeping pets happy at home. As we prepare for The Trusted Awards 2019, let’s take a look back at the heartwarming stories of the members who won and what they’re up to now. 

After only two months of joining TrustedHousesitters, Marie Flora was crowned ‘Last Minute Hero’ when she graciously stepped in to take care of Katie’s cat, Charlie, during a challenging time; Katie’s mother unexpectedly passed away, meaning she had to rearrange and extend some already planned time away. Upon hearing the news about Katie’s mother, Marie Flora reorganised her flight to London from France so that she could arrive in time to take care of Charlie. 

"Marie Flora looked after and loved our Charlie like her own, during a very difficult period for us all… I was absolutely overcome with her kindness and compassion and cannot speak of her highly enough." 

Since stepping in to look after Charlie and winning a lifetime membership, Marie Flora has continued her house and pet sitting adventures –– firstly, with two cats in New York, and then a brood of animals in Spain… 

“2019 started well, I was very lucky to be chosen by owner Eric to take care of his two cats, Buttercup and Orlando, in New York. It was unexpected, considering the large number of candidates that there is always immediately for New York! Then I set myself the “challenge” to take care of three dogs, two cats, fish and a canary at the Pobla del Duc in Spain for owner Laetitia. Although initially I was nervous before I started this sit, it went well and I loved spending time with all the animals: Mothy the labradoodle, who was very calm, Basil “the dynamic”, and Cassidy, a shy little dog who was disabled after an accident. We took beautiful walks in the countryside. The cats, Lusy and Minisq, lived their cat life…”

Marie Flora has continued to create lasting memories, see new places and feel part of a like-minded “animal crazy” community...

“I met Laetitia and his sister, we shared a good evening around a good meal and talk about our common passions. We stayed in contact and exchange regularly. Through house and pet sitting I discovered that I was not the only one who was “crazy” about animals! I love being part of this great community and travel for several days in the same place (known or not) to explore quietly while spending time with a pet.”

Marie Flora plans to continue travelling the world, one house and pet sit at a time; but with time in between to spend with her own beloved cat, Gandhi...

“For me, one of the pleasures of traveling beyond discovering new places, cultures or people, is coming home to my cat, Gandhi. I don't worry for him when I am away as he has his usual guardian, my neighbors or my family. And, on my return, he loves me even more –– I want to believe this, anyway! ”

If you want to say a big thank you to a sitter who looked after your pets in 2019 or you met a particularly special pet whose owner warmly welcomed you into their home, be sure to nominate them for the Trusted Awards 2019. As well as winning the trusted title, each winner will receive a lifetime membership with TrustedHousesitters.

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