Auntie Angela's back to answer your questions

Sally Keegan

Your Auntie Angela is back to answer your questions. Not only is she an award-winning Community Manager, but she also knows the in’s and outs of house and pet sitting, making her the perfect person to offer expertise.

From first-time pet sitter tips to speaking with our Membership Services team, Auntie Angela passes on her best advice to help you get the most out of house sitting.

In this feature, Auntie Angela answers the following questions:

  • Can I pet sit with my dog?
  • How can I talk to someone at TrustedHousesitters?
  • How do I get picked as a first-time sitter?
  • Will I be chosen as a sitter?
  • Who pays for travel expenses to do with the sit?
  • What advice do you have for owners that would like to become sitters?

Now it’s time to sit back, relax and hear from your wonderful pet sitting advisor...

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Want to hear more from your Community Manager? Head over to her hub where you can watch her videos and find out more about why Auntie Angela is a house and pet sitting expert.

Do you have more questions about house and pet sitting? Our TrustedHousesitters Membership Services team are on hand to help you. Or head to our Help Desk where your question may have already been answered. 

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