Should I choose a local dog sitter?

Sophie Main
Spaniel cuddling their dog sitter at home.

If you’re on the lookout for a kind and caring alternative to dog boarding kennels, it’s likely you’ve started your search for a local dog sitter. But did you know there is a world of sitters beyond your postcode who want to care for you pet?

Now you may be wondering, ’Why would I choose someone from far away if I can find local dog sitter near me?’ Well, there are lots of reasons…

Five reasons to look beyond local dog sitters

1. There are no local dog sitters near you

Of course, the most obvious reason to choose a sitter from somewhere else is that there are no local dog sitters near you. Perhaps this is because there are no professional sitters operating in your area or those that do, have no availability.

Having spoken to professional dog sitters in London, we learned that they sometimes don’t have the capacity to care for all the city’s adorable pets — particularly during peak travel seasons, like summer and Christmas. So verified dog sitters from outside of the city offer a welcome relief to pets, owners, and even professional sitters who can turn clients away with peace of mind there is safe alternative pet care.

2. Your perfect dog sitter is out there

Just like searching for a life partner, you are limiting yourself by only looking for local dog sitters — who knows where your pet’s perfect sitter could be from?

By using the TrustedHousesitters app or website, you can connect with kind and caring sitters who’ll happily travel to you. From patient puppy sitters to people with experience caring for elderly animals and those with special needs, you and your pup can choose someone with just the right qualities and experience your dog needs.

3. It’s dedicated in-house dog care

Not all professional dog sitter’s services are the same; some let dogs stay in their house (often with other canine clients), while others will offer in-house pet care in your home. With vets agreeing dogs are happiest in their own home, this latter option is the one loved by dogs and owners alike.

By choosing a sitter from further afield, you are choosing live-in, round-the-clock dog care. And if you have more than one pet, they will keep the whole pack together. Not only does this keep your dog feeling safe and happy while you’re away, but offers the added bonus of home protection.

4. Discover a fresh approach to pet care

Yes, your local dog walker may know all the best routes, but will they stop and take it all in?

Dog sitters from far away are full of excitement to get out and explore their new environment. This means that your dog is likely to enjoy longer walks, with plenty of time to stroll and take in the smells around them. It’s your pup’s unique chance to play tour guide with a new human friend.

5. There are even more reasons…

And if you choose a dog sitter from TrustedHousesitters, you’ll discover even more benefits to connecting to sitters from near and far away:

  • Dog sitters don’t charge  

While local dog sitters charge rates hourly, daily, and per pet, all members of TrustedHousesitters sit purely for the love of pets. Yes, they provide free pet care in exchange for a unique place to stay with a pup like yours. And with money playing no part in their motivations, you can travel for days, weeks, or months, knowing your sitter is there for the right reason.

  • Choose from thousands of verified dog sitters

TrustedHousesitters is here to help you find the perfect sitter for your pet, which is why it’s so easy to search through thousands of sitters using our app or website. Simply swipe, scroll, and tap to explore the profiles of verified dog sitters from near and far away. As well as reading their profiles and exploring their pictures, you can read references and reviews from owners like you.

  • Expert advice from veterinary professionals

TrustedHousesitters members have access to a Vet Advice Line while on a sit — a direct line to a 24/7 team of dedicated veterinary nurses, ready and waiting to answer all pet-related questions and concerns. This means your sitter can offer your dog the very best care, and even prevent any unnecessary trips to the vets.

  • Your home is covered

For extra peace of mind, if you have an existing home insurance policy, then our Home and Contents Protection covers every sit at no extra cost to you. This means you can welcome sitters with the peace of mind your home is covered up to the value of $1 million.

  • Know you’re always supported

Arranging pet care can pose a lot of questions, which is why all TrustedHousesitters members are supported by Membership Services. This team is made up of pet-loving owners and sitters, making them the perfect pack to talk to before, during, and after your sit.

Dog sitters walking in California.

What to look for in a dog sitter

Whether you choose to pay a professional local dog sitter or connect with a caring pet lover from our community, there are certain qualities you need to look out for.

Top five qualities to look for in a dog sitter

  1. Kind and caring: It’s no surprise that empathy is at the top of our list, but how can you find out if a sitter is truly kind and compassionate? The number one way is conversation — talk to the sitter as much as possible, and then trust your pet owner instincts to tell you whether they’re right for you. Then, if possible, read references and reviews from other owners too.
  2. Patience and understanding: Whether you have a playful pup who is still in training or a rescue dog with special needs, your sitter will need to invest time in learning and performing your dog’s unique requirements. For that reason, it’s vital you choose a dog sitter with the right amount of time and patience for your pup.
  3. Knowledge and experience: While most dog lovers are ready to look after a laid back Labrador, not all sitters will know how to handle a big Bloodhound, keep hold of a flighty Terrier, or calm down a stressed Akita. Whether it’s administering medication or dealing with dog separation anxiety, don’t be shy to ask your sitter about their relevant experience.
  4. Physically able: Similarly, it’s important your dog’s sitter is physically prepared for the needs of your dog. This is not such a concern if your little Yorkshire Terrier needs a steady wander around the block, but it is vital for boisterous big dogs that need vigorous exercise. Again, don’t be shy to ask whether a sitter is confident in their physical abilities for your pet — by taking physicality into consideration, you’re keeping both pups and people safe.
  5. Reliable: Of course, you need to know that the person caring for your pet is dependable. Again, the sitter’s reviews and references are the best way to determine this. We also recommend establishing clear and open communication from the start, to avoid any confusion around things like arrival and departure times.
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