How much do dog sitters charge?

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One of the most popular questions our TrustedHousesitters team is asked is, ‘how much do dog sitters charge?’ And our answer is always the same: our pet-loving members don’t charge. They sit purely for the love of pets and the chance to stay somewhere new.

However, knowing how much a dog sitter near you would normally charge is a great way of working out just how cost-effective your TrustedHousesitters membership is. It can also give you a good idea of what to pay a friend for dog sitting for the day.

So to help you with your pet care calculations, we’ve done some sniffing around and found the average cost of a dog sitter.

Average dog sitting prices

According to research completed by Thumbtack, the average dog sitter rate in the US is around $20 to $40 a day. Similarly, our exploration across different salary sites suggests the average cost of the UK dog sitter is around £25 a day.

Of course, the amount a dog sitter will charge depends on a number of factors including responsibilities, special requests, location, but mainly the length of time. And here’s what Thumbtack tells us about the average dog sitting price per time period:

  • Drop-in dog sitters charge $25 for 30 minutes
  • Drop-in dog sitters charge $32 for an hour
  • Overnight dog sitters charge $75 to $85 per night
  • Dog sitters charge $5 extra per additional pet

So, depending on the length of your trip, amount of pets, and your local dog sitting rates, your TrustedHousesitters membership can save you a lot. But the real benefits of letting your dog stay with a member of our kind and caring community go far beyond money…  

1. Your dog can stay safe and happy at home

Above the financial savings, owners choose to connect with caring sitters from TrustedHousesitters so that their pets can stay in their own home — the one place vets agree all dogs feel safe and happy.

2. You know they’re with a pet lover like you

All TrustedHousesitters members join to make memories, not money. So when they apply to care for your dog, they’re doing it purely to spend time with your pet. This means owners like you can set off with the peace of mind that your dog is with a like-minded pet lover who really wants to be there.

3. Return to a happy dog and safe home

After your trip, there’s no need to stop off at the boarding kennels or local dog sitter’s house — you can head straight home, where your beloved dog will be waiting with a wagging tail. What’s more, with a reviewed, referenced, and verified dog sitter in your home, you can be sure your house has been kept safe and secure while you’ve been away.

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What does a dog sitter do?

From feeding and walking to playing fetch in the park, you can find sitters offering a wide range of services for varying prices. But if you connect with a TrustedHousesitters sitter, they’ll step seamlessly into your dog-walking shoes and maintain all parts of your pet’s routine at no extra cost — that’s belly rubs and ear scratches included.

How does it work? Owner members detail their dog’s needs on their online listing and then sitters will only apply if they are prepared to perform these responsibilities. Whether it’s slow walks to ensure your pup gets plenty of time to sniff and soak up the smells or you need someone who can confidently administer medication, you just need to ask.

To get an understanding of the level of care our canine-loving members provide, take a look at what Sophie the lovely Retriever has to say about her sitters, Patrick and Dee:  

'They took care of my brother Stanley who is blind and made sure he was always safe and also got his special medications. I can be a bit of a brat but I loved them so much I think I won them over. They were always cleaning the house too! Mom was super excited about that when she got home. They were so caring and even made sure we got our daily walks to all our favourite poo and pee places.'

To learn more about Sophie and Stanley’s sitter, take a look at their story. Sent to us by their owners, it’s just one of thousands submitted for the 2018 Sitter of the Year Awards.

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Stanley & Sophie happy at home in Ottawa, Ontario

FAQs about dog sitting costs

Now you know how much dog sitters charge, which is nothing if they’re a TrustedHousesitters member. But has this left you with even more questions? You’re not alone. When owner members learn they don’t have to pay their dog sitter, they begin to wonder…  

Do I tip my dog sitter?

No, our members never give each other money. They connect to help each other travel while keeping dogs safe and happy at home, and that exchange feels a lot more special when money is not involved.

If you would like to offer a gesture of thanks, why not leave your sitter a tasty treat or bring them back a gift from your trip?

Do I pay for my dog sitter’s travel costs?

No, our community is full of dog sitters near and far away who are happy to travel to you. Just offer them a warm welcome into your home and the companionship of an adorable dog.

Should I leave the dog sitter money?

While your dog is in the care of a sitter, they are still your financial responsibility. So, if your dog will need more supplies while you're away, you must make sure your sitter has the necessary funds. This is particularly true during long-term dog sits, when the sitter will need to buy fresh food and have access to emergency funds.

Want to know more?  

If you have any more questions about dog sitters or would like to talk about joining TrustedHousesitters, just get in touch with our Membership Services team. With experience as a sitter, owner or both, they’re the perfect people to turn to with your pet care questions.

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