How to Find Medium-Long Term House Sits

Sally Keegan

If you are fortunate enough to be able to take a few months off to house sit, there’s a lot to be said for taking on a long term house sitting assignment. Without having to travel from one house sit to another it’s going to be good for the travel budget and it’s also a really good chance to get to know a place thoroughly.

Although long-term house sits are posted from time-to-time on TrustedHousesitters, finding them involves a lot of dedication and sorting through the many shorter-term house sits on the site. Or at least it did! It’s now a thing of the past as we have created a special page dedicated to highlighting the medium-long term house sits on TrustedHousesitters. Here you can browse through all of the house sits worldwide that are 60 days or more in length.

Don't worry these house sits will still appear on the main house sitting assignments page, it’s just a way of making it easier for people specifically looking for longer-term assignments.

Long Term House Sitting: Feedback from Our Members

Thinking about taking on a long term assignment? We spoke to a few trusted house sitters who have done just that to ask them for their tips and advice.

Nicole & Michael

Nicole & Michael from Perth, Australia are currently spending two months living in Barbados! Kudos to anyone who can find a better long term house sit than that!

House sitters Nicole & Michael

"When you think about a Caribbean vacation you think a week or two sitting on the beach and then going back to the real world. However, we didn't just want a two week vacation, we wanted to live on the beautiful Caribbean beaches. When we travel we like to immerse ourselves into the culture and customs that surround us; you cant do that on a 2 week vacation.  So here we are, living in Barbados for 2 months, shopping where the locals shop, eating where the locals eat and truly experiencing the Caribbean lifestyle as the locals do. House sitting has given us the opportunity to live in so many countries, to experience things we would not have had we simply been there as a tourist. "

Angela & John

Angela & John are a retired couple from BC, Canada currently house sitting in California, USA.

Angela & John

"House and pet sitting with TrustedHousesitters has given John and I the most amazing and fulfilling retirement presenting new adventures, experiences and challenges just when we thought it might all become too normal, for us anyway. A travel lifestyle that would otherwise be completely out of our financial reach, we can indulge in our passion for travel and animals, staying in some of the very best self catering accommodation with nothing to pay on checking out! With close family and friends at home in the UK our long term assignments, many three months or more, allow us to be close and stay connected at any time of the year, something that would otherwise be impossible. Plus we don't inconvenience anyone and need never worry about outstaying our welcome!"

James & Jemma

Last year trusted house sitters James & Jemma from Edinburgh spent almost a year living in France taking on a number of medium and long term house sits to get them through the year. Here's what they had to say:

James & Jemma house sitting in France

We were lucky to be able to line up several house sits in France last year with one of them lasting five months a a real treat! This meant we were able to properly settle into the communities we were living in and get to know people as friends rather than just passing acquaintances. We also got to really know the pets we looked after. In the end it almost felt like they were our pets as we had spent so much time with them and knew their traits and characteristics inside out. As two people who work remotely, not having to move from one house sit to the next every few weeks was also a very welcomed blessing. For anyone looking to truly integrate themselves into another culture and live there, as opposed to just visit, we definitely recommend taking on a long term house sitting job.

Charli & Ben

Charli & Ben from the UK have taken on a number of medium-long term house sitting assignments in Costa Rica and Canada and are now house sitting in New Zealand.

Charli & Ben

"One of the great benefits of long term assignments is that you can further immerse yourself in the local community and try your hand at something new or native to the place you're visiting. While house sitting for a little over three months in Costa Rica we took the opportunity to train as PADI Divemasters. We trained intensively and worked for a few hours each afternoon in the dive shop. Our responsibilities at the property were flexible and could be completed at any time of the day, so we were able to utilise the opportunity to pursue other activities while ensuring we kept our commitments to the home owner.

Charli also chose to volunteer with an animal charity. Twice a month she joined a small team who offered affordable veterinary care to the local community. "Neither would have been something that we would have considered had we not had the additional time to commit to more time consuming opportunities on offer during our stay. Our assignment of just over two months in British Colombia gave us a home for Christmas. We were charged with caring for a three story town house on the outskirts of Vancouver and the opportunity allowed us to spend the festive season surrounded by the familiar surrounds of a family environment. Accommodation costs sky rocket during any holiday season and consequently we found the financial savings to provide an unexpected Christmas gift. We were able to utilise the additional funds we had saved to invest in some snowboarding lessons and hone our skills on the neighbouring ski slopes."

Don't forget you can see all of the long-term house sitting assignments on TrustedHousesitters here.

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