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Sophie Main
Labrador in the park with her owner.

There are a lot of things to consider when finding the right pet care. While your pet’s health and happiness are of course your primary concern, cost is also a big consideration — especially for long term trips. But did you know that there are free pet sitters who’ll keep your pet in their own home, where they feel truly safe and happy? 

Yes, free pet sitters do exist. It’s all part of a special exchange keeping pets happy at home and helping pet lovers travel…  

About free pet sitting

In the caring community of TrustedHousesitters, none of the pet sitters charge to care for people’s dogs, cats, birds, livestock — you name it. They are just genuine pet lovers that want to stay in new places with adorable animals. 

Not only do these kind and caring sitters help pets stay in their own home — the place vets agree all pets are happiest — but they offer owners true travel freedom. Because for most owners, it’s not about finding cheap dog sitters or free pet care, but about knowing their pet is being cared for by an animal lover like them. 

Collie cross staying happy at home with his dog sitters.

Rumo with his dog sitters.

How does pet sitting work?  

Owners and pet sitters who buy an annual TrustedHousesitters membership can connect to exchange home and pet care for a place to stay, all year round. Each and every pet sit is a special agreement in which sitters don’t charge to provide care in the pet’s own home, and owners don’t charge for them to stay there. 

TrustedHousesitters is so much more than free pet sitting website. It’s a community of genuine pet lovers helping all animals — not just cats and dogs — stay in their own home while their owners are away.

Find a pet sitter near or far away

Pet sitting is changing the lives of pets and people around the world, and it can enrich your life too! Why not peruse pet sitter profiles on the TrustedHousesitters website or app to see the kind of people you can connect with. You can filter by location, availability, and even experience, then explore the references, reviews, and photos on their profiles. 

The dog sitter of your pet’s dreams may be just around the corner or from somewhere further afield. In fact, some of the most fulfilling pet sits happen between members connecting from overseas. For example, Adriana from Vancouver Island found her pet’s perfect sitters from Australia. 

“My main concern was Tag my ginger cat, who is 13 years old. She just wouldn't be happy in a cattery, nor I putting her in one. I had to go away for a work trip last year and found a brilliant couple from Australia who wanted to visit my local area so were happy to travel to come and look after Tag for free. It was a simple process and I came home to a spotless home with fresh flowers and just stepped through the door essentials  — milk, eggs and bread provided my house sitters. Oh and Tag seemed to have enjoyed an Aussie owner for a while too!”

Two cats cuddling up at home.

Purring happily in their own home.

As you can tell from Adrianna’s story, TrustedHousesitters is not a place people turn to for cheap dog sitters or free pet care. It’s a place people go to find reliable pet care that keeps pets safe and secure in their own home. 

Peter, an owner member from Poole in the UK, first tried finding pet care though friends, family, and local cat sitters. However, even paying for professional pet sitters didn’t offer him the reliable pet care he needed to travel with true peace of mind. "Previous attempts through friends, family or 'professionals', to get the cat, house and garden looked after proved to be at best expensive, and at worst unreliable."

But then he joined TrustedHousesitters and began to connect with free cat sitters: “We had a number of swift responses for really nice people who turned out to be a major find. We came back from our trip to a contented cat, and a house and garden in better condition than we left it.” 

Stone house in the countryside.

Return to happy pets in a safe home.

Graham, an owner from Matlock England, also kindly shared his experience…

“Our experience with TrustedHousesitters has been outstanding. The site is easy to use and has produced very good results for us. Our friends with pets have now joined up too, and they have been very satisfied. So far we have had one sitter in our house in Derbyshire for one month and a couple from Holland looked after our house and cats in France for three weeks. On both occasions we were able to meet the sitter beforehand, which was very reassuring for us and made their settling into our home easier. We now count these people as friends.” 

We’re always here to help

Whether it’s to learn more about free pet sitters or you’d like help finding someone to look after your dog in their own home, just get in touch. Your questions will be answered by our Membership Services team — an expert group of owners and sitters dedicated to providing help and support to pet lovers like you.

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