10 questions to ask before your sit

Danielle Petch

Heading off on a house sit? Set yourself up for a smooth handover and a successful sit by asking yourself these top 10 questions...

What will I be doing while I'm away?

What will your responsibilities be while on the sit? Will you need a pair of good sturdy shoes for walking the dog, or perhaps a pair of comfy clothes for tending to the garden? Thinking about how you will be spending your time will help you to pack, saving more time to look forward to the adventure that awaits!

Do I know everything I need to about my new pet pal?

From their daily routine to rules about sleeping on the furniture, take some time to look through the Welcome Guide on your Dashboard and see whether you’d like any more pet-related information before your arrival.

Did I remember to ask about...?

It’s normal for sitters to think of more questions after confirming a sit. It’s always best to be in the know, so whether it’s about bath towels or travel timings, just reach out to the owner and ask.

Have I prepared and shared my travel plans?

You’ll soon be setting off, so now’s the time to check you have the address, know your way, and that the owner is aware of when you’ll arrive. It’s also worth discussing when the owner is planning to return, so that you can arrange your departure accordingly. 

Have I updated my Safety Contact?

It’s important that we have the details of someone who can be contacted in the event of an emergency. If you haven’t already, you can update your Safety Contact by visiting your profile settings, where you’ll see a field for ‘emergency contact.’

How will we keep in touch?

Some owners prefer to have daily updates and photos about how their pet is doing, while others are fine with just a Whatsapp every now and then. Remember to discuss the level of communication you’re both happy with before the sit takes place. 

Have we arranged a tour?

From where the pans are kept to the WiFi code, make sure you know where everything is kept and how to operate any electricals or alarms. This can be done on arrival or in advance via a video call. 

Have I familiarised myself with the coronavirus house sitting guide? 

To make sure you’re on your way to a safe and successful sit, you can refer to our coronavirus guide for sitters, which is the best place to go for tips and advice on house sitting during coronavirus. 

You may also wish to read through our coronavirus cleaning guide, so you’re familiar with how to leave the home in a safe and clean environment at the end of your sit. 

Have I checked my travel documents?

If you’re going abroad, it’s important to make sure you have all the relevant travel documents/visas you need. You should also check the entry requirements for the country you’re visiting, particularly while some countries continue to implement travel restrictions, and monitor this regularly.

What should I do if I need any help?

If you need any help during your sit, you can reach out to the owner or speak to your friendly Membership Services team. You also have free access to our 24/7 Vet Advice Line.

For more great advice, hear from two TrustedHousesitters members and their top tips for first-time house sitters. If you need any further advice or help, you can also reach out to your friendly Membership Services team.

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