How to Write the Perfect Profile (That'll Have Homeowners Pounding Down Your Door)

By Lisa Logan | Ask the experts

house sitting profile member Darcie from California, USA has taken plenty of time to write the perfect profile to introduce herself and her husband to homeowners. She would love to share what she has learnt to help you create an attention grabbing house sitter profile and get your first house sitting assignment.

"So you have registered with and are currently looking for your first house sitting assignment. The house sitter profile you created is your tool to introduce yourself to homeowners. To help make connections with homeowners and possibly score a house sitting assignment, you need to optimize your profile. Here are five ways to improve your profile today!

1. Profile Heading
The first thing someone reads on your profile is the profile heading. Having a good heading can spark interest or, on the contrary, deter potential homeowners. 

To gain a positive reaction, write a headline that: catches the attention of the reader, sparks curiosity, states a benefit (or multiple benefits), offers a solution to a problem, or provokes thought.

Here's some ideas to get you started:

Tired of Searching? Here are 10 Reasons Why I am Just What Your Looking For: 

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Who Else Wants to Read About The Best House Sitter on This Site?

10 Reasons Why Your House Sitter Search Stops Right Here

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The perfect profile

You can add up to 4 photos and an introductory video to your profile to help you find your dream house sitting assignment

2. Photos
You have heard the saying, a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, those thousand words can be good or bad depending on the photos you pick.
Here's some photos you will want to include with your profile: 

A profile picture of you smiling. In order for a homeowner to offer their home, they need to trust you. The best way to earn trust is to show them you are a nice and friendly person.

A picture of you with animals. As you have probably noticed, most of the homeowners on the site are also pet owners. To show that you are good with animals, show a picture of you petting a cat or throwing a ball for a dog.

A picture of you being responsible. You can take a picture of you working, standing in front of your own home or car. By showcasing your professionalism and that you  have a home, homeowners will be more likely to trust you.

 A picture of you with people. Just like references, homeowners need to know that people like you. If you only have pictures of yourself - without anyone else you won't look as trustworthy. Friends and family members are a great place to start.

3. Video
If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine the impact of a video. Not only does a video showcase what you look like, but who you are. Videos are a unique way to tell a homeowner your story and personality. But surprisingly, the majority of house sitters skip this step. Creating a video takes minutes and can be the make or break factor for your profile. To stand out amongst the crowd, create a quick video that addresses the following:




Profession / career

Relationship status

Overview of your background (info about your career/profession, education, pets, travel experience, etc.)

Why you want to house sit

Your relevant house sitting experience or skills (list specific benefits such as your animal care experience, house sitting experience, when you are available, where you'd like to house sit, etc.)

Tip: These questions are also answered in the about me section of your profile, so you can easily use that info as a guide for your video.
Make a video

It's easier than you think to make a video and insert it into your profile. This is a great way to introduce yourself to homeowners.

4. References 
One of the first things a potential homeowner sees on your profile is your reference score a a five star ratinga and the number of references youave received. The higher your score AND the more references you have, the more trustworthy you'll appear.

You can request references from:

TrustedHousesitter reference a previous Trusted Housesitting assignments

External references such as character, employment, house/pet sitting, and landlord sitting references.

All reference requests are sent through the Trusted House Sitters website.

To send an external request, you'll need to identify the type of reference (character, employment, house/pet sitting, and landlord sitting), email, name and message. The referee will then be asked to rate you on the following criteria and add a short message about yourself:



Pet care



To increase the number of references you get, consider sending a personal message via your email address in addition the house sitting request thats sent through the Trusted House Sitters website.Here's an example:

"I was hoping you could do me a HUGE favor, I am exploring house sitting to travel more and meet new people. The website I registered with  requires references to prove I am a responsible person. The more references, the better. Would you be my referee? 
I have sent another email to you via their website so please look for an email from They say the entire process takes less than a minute to complete and it would be a great help to me. Thanks and let me know if you have any questions."

Try to get 10 good quality references.

5. Spelling and Grammar
Theres nothing worse that reading a great profile thats littered with spelling and grammatical errors. Always spell check and grammar check your writing before publishing anything on the website.

This easy step shows you are professional, educated and responsible. The same traits any homeowner would be looking for a house sitter.
By following these five steps and optimizing your profile, you will appear more trustworthy and increase your chances of securing house sitting assignments."

About the author: Darcie Connell is the founder and CEO of - a website and newsletter inspiring women travelers.  She is a member of Trusted House Sitters and her travel tips and advice have been featured on Forbes, The Huffington Post, and LifeHack.  Follow her travels on FacebookTwitter, and Google.

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