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Please read these homeowner guidelines carefully. They will help to ensure that all TrustedHousesitters members enjoy seamless and happy house sits.

Creating your listing

  • Include accurate information outlining the responsibilities you plan to hand over to a sitter, as well as a true representation of your home, garden, pool care and any pet care requirements
  • Provide an overview of the type of sitter you would like. For example, an independent person who can drive, because your home is rural and there are no neighbours nearby; or, a sitter who likes urban areas because you live in an apartment in a lively area of town  
  • Describe your pet’s needs, behaviour, and any habits or issues that your sitter should be aware of to ensure they provide the level of care you require. Be as detailed as possible and also let your sitter know if there are any local or country rules they should be aware of. For example, does your dog always have to wear a collar with a tag, or, do dogs need to wear a muzzle in public places. Please be aware that you cannot arrange a sitter for inherently dangerous pets such as venomous snakes or constrictors, primates, wolves or wolf hybrids, non-domesticated cats, alligators, or any animal with a history of attacks on pets or people
  • Add a range of high quality photos that accurately represent your home and pets
  • Once you have completed your listing you can visit your dashboard and provide further comprehensive and detailed instructions in the Welcome Guide accessible from your dashboard. Your listing and the Welcome Guide act as a go-to guide and appear on the dashboard of your chosen sitter’s account once you have confirmed them and shared your Welcome Guide
  • We advise you to agree in advance how your sitter should handle any costs which may arise due to your pet falling ill or any maintenance issues with your home
  • If you need a sitter for more than one set of dates you can add multiple dates to your listing by clicking "Manage Dates" on your dashboard
  • It is our policy that no one, other than your confirmed sitter or sitters, may reside at the property during the sit. As such, listings that outline additional responsibilities to care for family members or accommodate short term tenants will be declined
  • Please be aware that when you first create your profile you may need to wait up to 24 hours before it will be approved and go live on our website. Until it is approved it will not appear on our website and as such you will not receive any enquiries from other TrustedHousesitters members  

Preparing for a sitter

  • When choosing a sitter, check their references carefully and carry out due diligence for your own peace of mind. We suggest you speak on the phone and on Skype or FaceTime and recommend that you do a tour of your home and introduce your pets via Skype or FaceTime
  • Our industry-leading Trust & Safety verification features can, at a glance, highlight the sitters who have completed our verification levels and obtained identity checks provided by a third party 
  • It is important to note that you must confirm your chosen sitter in order to leave a review for them post sit. You can confirm your sitter either via the message from the sitter or via your dashboard
  • Complete your Welcome Guide to ensure your chosen sitter will have all the information they need to take care of your home and pets. We also have a downloadable House Sitting Agreement Form, available in your dashboard, will help you to agree any other specific terms with your sitter. This is not a contract or legal document, but it will help you to agree responsibilities for your sit with your sitter before they arrive
  • Before confirming a sitter, please ensure that you share all the information necessary to ensure the sitter is the right fit for your needs. For example, is your dog aggressive when frightened by loud noises; or, does your dog chase wildlife or sheep; or, does your cat dislike another cat in the area because it is frightened of it?
  • Agree all responsibilities relating to your home and pets that you will expect your sitter to undertake in advance. This includes all financial responsibilities and whether they will have access to a vehicle and services such as your internet and landline phone
  • Stock up on pet food and sundry items so that your sitter can provide the level of pet care you require. Alternatively you can leave behind enough money to cover the purchase of these items, or agree in advance to reimburse the sitter for any supplies they need to buy
  • We would recommend that you relocate, remove, or safely lock away any valuable, personal, or private items that you would prefer not to share with your sitter
  • Once you have confirmed your sitter it is likely they will book holiday time and make travel arrangements; as such any change to the agreement could affect their plans. Should you make any changes to the agreed dates or to the overall agreement or cancel the arrangement you have made, other than in exceptional circumstances such as a serious illness or family bereavement, you will be in breach of our guidelines and your membership will be reviewed
  • If there are any unforeseen changes to the agreement you have made with your chosen sitter contact them immediately to discuss and do all you can to assist them in reaching a mutually beneficial arrangement to accommodate your change of plan
  • Prepare your home for your sitter’s arrival. Create a comfortable and inviting place to stay by providing adequate space to unpack and settle in, as well as a clean, safe, and secure living space
  • Make provisions for unforeseen emergency veterinary care for your pets. You could arrange for your vet practice to invoice you on your return, leave provisions for your sitter, or agree to reimburse them if required

During the sit

  • Provide your sitter with all the information they need for a successful house sit. Include your phone number, a set of spare keys, and a local contact in case of emergency as a bare minimum. We strongly recommend that you complete the TrustedHousesitters Welcome Guide as that automatically prompts you to provide relevant information
  • Communicate clearly, fairly and respectfully throughout the sitter’s stay in your home to help maintain a positive dialogue
  • It is our policy that third parties* must not be residing on the property during the duration of the sitter’s stay

* In this case a third party is defined as anyone other than the sitter or sitters you have invited to care for your home and pets whilst you are away

After the sit

  • Reimburse the sitter for any agreed additional costs incurred to fully care for your pets, property, and other relevant possessions during the house sit
  • Leave a fair, factual, and balanced review of your sitter and consider reaching out to your sitter to extend a personal thank you for taking great care of your home and pets
  • If you have any feedback for TrustedHousesitters, we always value your views and if you would like to leave a review on TrustPilot, please do so
  • Create your next listing and find the perfect sitter for your next vacation!

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