Finding a sitter in Toronto, ON

Your pets can stay safe and happy at home with a house sitter whenever you're away

How to arrange a pet sit

Step one

Create your listing

Write a description, add photos, and set the dates you’ll be away.

Step two

Receive applications

Pet sitters from near or far can send you applications.

Step three

Choose your pet sitter

Get to know them, then choose the pet sitter that’s right for you.

Step four

Travel with peace of mind

Know your pets are happy at home, cared for by your chosen pet sitter.

A fair exchange

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Both you and the sitter buy an annual membership.
You travel with peace of mind. The sitter enjoys caring for your pet and home — and they don't charge.

A community built on trust

Reviews and references

You can read reviews left by other owners before choosing your sitter. You can also check their references from employers and people who know them.

Verified sitters

All sitters can get verified, such as having their contact details and ID documents checked. See what level they've got by looking at the Trust Badge on their profile.

It's up to you

Get to know sitters and ask them questions before you choose by messaging through the website or app. You can also use it to organise the sit once you've chosen a sitter.

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Insurance Backed Guarantee

You’re covered for every sit confirmed through TrustedHousesitters — at no extra cost. You’re covered against property damage, theft, and if the sitter has an accident.

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There are 454 house and pet sitters from Toronto, ON, Canada

A global community — our sitters travel from all over the world

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House and pet sitters in Toronto

Going away for a weekend or taking a long trip away from Toronto? House and pet sitters are the alternative to boarding kennels that can help you travel with true peace of mind. By connecting with a verified sitter, you can set off knowing your pet is boarding at home, safe and happy.

From small pets to exotic animals, sitters will keep them in their all-important routine. Perhaps you need a cat sitter to provide plenty of cuddles or a dog sitter who’ll take your pup to Cherry Beach Park. Whether you choose a local pet sitter or someone from further afield, TrustedHouessitters will help you connect with them safely and securely.